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Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator

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This is an informative, visually led overview of fashion drawing, presentation and illustration. It teaches students how to draw the fashion figure as well as featuring the work of established illustrators - both past and present - encouraging readers not only to observe but also to develop their conf ence and skills as an illustrator.Accompanied by case studies, examples, practical exercises and tips, the book covers all aspects of fashion illustration, including: step-by-step exploration of different media (collage, drawing, computer-imaging and embro ery) understanding the figure and how to experiment with different illustrative styles. Influential fashion illustrators and other industry professionals are profiled and interviewed to prov e an insight into life after graduation. There is gu ance on portfolio presentation and interview procedures, and careers for the fashion illustrator are outlined in a series of discussions with industry specialists. Формат: 21,5 см x 25,5 см.


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