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Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More

Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More

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Those with interest, but absolutely no wire-working knowledge, will find this gradual gu e a great introduction to every aspect of working with the enduring medium of wire. The chapters walk the aspiring craftsperson step-by-step through the entire process, from where and how to shop for wire and beads, to choosing the right kind and gauge of wire, and what tools of the trade they need to borrow or buy. No background is assumed skills build upon each other as the book progresses. The basic jewelry components, such as loops, jump rings, findings, and connectors, are covered in turn. These lessons are then put to use with a selection of six projects, from jewelry to more unusual uses for metal embellishments such as greeting cards. Filled with lessons, tips, and resources from start to finish, this manual is a primer for the true beginner.


Одежда для детей. Секреты кроя и шитья
Одежда для детей. Секреты кроя и шитья - Подробнее
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