Samurai GirlSecondhand & Vintage: London

Secondhand & Vintage: Berlin

Secondhand & Vintage: Berlin

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8685629 Автор: Delia Dumitrescu
Языки: Английский
Издательство: Vivays Publishing London ISBN 978-1-908126-17-7 2012 г.
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Страниц 160 стр. Формат 145x200 Переплет Мягкая обложка
Иллюстрации Цветные иллюстрации Форматы книжных изданий The popularity of secondhand and vintage shopping reflects our interest in exploring more eco-friendly consuming and also satisfies our ongoing fascination with objects that have a history. Add to that the fascinating secondhand culture of a city and you have a way of delving into both the past and present life around you while you shop for objects that you won't find in your average chain store or shopping mall. Secondhand & Vintage London gives you an ins er's gu e to the best shops and markets for almost anything you would want to buy. The first part of the book is organized into sections by types of objects. All the key information you need to know (address, contact details, website and opening hours) is prov ed along with a brief description of the shop or stall. The second part of the book is organized by area so if you are in a particular neighbourhood you can visit any of the shops - colour coded to the types of objects they sell. Each district has a useful map and a QR so that you can connect to interactive maps specially created for this book. There is a special section of the book devoted to London's h den gems. In addition, the author has interviewed the owners of particularly interesting shops and asked local res ents for recommendations of where to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. Whether you live in Berlin or you are visiting the city, this gu e prov es everything you need to find those special places. It is not about buying cheaply, but about affording more!


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