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Lion Brand Yarn Vintage Styles for Today: More Than 50 Patterns

Lion Brand Yarn Vintage Styles for Today: More Than 50 Patterns

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3684958 Автор: Lion Brand
Языки: Английский ISBN 1400080614 2006 г.
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Страниц 192 стр. Переплет Мягкая обложка Форматы книжных изданий Lion Brand Yarn: Vintage Styles for Today reinterprets more than fifty vintage designs for today’s knitters and crocheters, with detailed patterns and stunning archival and contemporary photographs. Vintage-style treasures come front and center, restyled for current lifestyles and in modern day yarns. For more than a century, Lion Brand Yarn has shaped the future of knitting and crocheting while preserving its heritage. Now editors Nancy J. Thomas and Charlotte J. Quiggle have turned back the clock to find classic styles from decades past and reintroduce them with a modern feel. In Lion Brand Yarn: Vintage Styles for Today, you’ll discover a trove of vintage pieces that have been lovingly reinterpreted for contemporary sizing and sensibilities, offering retro-styled flair while taking advantage of today’s stunning new yarns. In more than fifty timeless designs, classic looks meld with modern fashion without losing the beauty of past eras. Contemporary accents and modern textures transform traditional cardigans, vests, shrugs, and wraps into chic attire. A selection of sweaters, socks, hats, and gloves for every member of the family (even the dog) allows everyone to enjoy the spirit of the past. A variety of timeless designs for blankets and baby items offers endless possibilities for reinventing vintage looks. With detailed pattern instructions and illustrations and more than 100 stunning archival and full-color contemporary photographs, Lion Brand Yarn: Vintage Styles for Today weaves the past and present together for today’s needlecrafters.At 125 years and counting, Lion Brand Yarn is the oldest American yarn brand. Since the beginning, the Lion Brand philosophy has been to prov e a quality product at an affordable price. Lion Brand yarns are available at leading stores throughout the country.


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