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People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits

People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits

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3690182 Редакторы Robin Derrick, Muir Robin
Языки: Английский
Издательство: Little, Brown ISBN 0316731145 2005 г.
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Страниц 352 стр. Переплет Мягкая обложка Форматы книжных изданий " This rich volume could well serve as a photographic history of well-heeled British culture during the 20th century, and there's an interesting story behind almost every shot. Edited by Derrick, British Vogue's creative director, and Muir, the magazine's former picture editor, the assemblage includes 350 B&W and color photographs, some previously published and many that never made it into the magazine's pages. A century's worth of artists, actors, politicians, models, royalty and singers-not all of them British-are represented, including blue-blooded novelist Nancy Mitford, a playful Sophia Loren and Queen Elizabeth as a young princess in uniform during World War II. Also posing are Maria Callas, Lee Radziwill, Vivian Leigh, a pensive Peter Sellers and a diminutive Picasso welcoming Allied soldiers into postwar Paris. While it includes the work of many talented photographers-Lee Miller, Cecil Beaton and Richard Avedon, for example-what helps set the book apart are the intelligent captions, which tell lesser-known stories about each subject and frequently quote the photographer himself. Of Tennessee Williams, Roloff Beny recalled the playwright had a "curiously upper-class British accent" and a discursive conversational style: "I can't remember anything he sa ." When Lord Snowdon photographed famed romance writer Barbara Cartland, he noted that "she was clearly unimpressed by my small camera and lack of equipment...she kept a store of her own lights for visiting photographers and gave me very detailed instructions of where to place them." This extensive and beautifully designed collection proves the photo archives at British Vogue to be a fascinating catalogue of a celebrity, wealth and success".

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